A Little About Us

Always dreaming of that one shirt design you can never find? So were we...and then Morgan Row was born. Our founder knew there could be more exciting and effective ways to wear the things he wanted to say. He understood early on that when we can clearly see something meaningful or exciting, we internalize it so much faster and in a different way than just listening or reading. The lack of resources for him to bring his ideas to life in college helped create the world of Morgan Row! The brand flourished across campuses nationwide, providing fun and fresh styles that were always staying a few steps ahead of the t-shirt fashion and promotional industry. After seeing the success and popularity of these unique, custom styles, it only made sense for us to bring the corporate and non-profit world the chance to have something different and exciting too! It has been a fun and wild ride full of inspiring twists and turns. We are so thankful for everyone who wants to join in with us on this adventure to create, amaze and inspire. We wouldn’t be here without you! Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for all the exciting ways you can get in on the very best of Morgan Row.

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