Royal Fleet Smart Fitness Tracker

The Royal Fleet Smart Fitness Tracker is an electronic smart watch with a 0.96" color screen and so much more. Once connected via Bluetooth, it can begin receiving notifications from your smartphone including text messages, calls, Twitter, Facebook, and Skype alerts. The fitness tracker also features a built in heart rate monitor, blood pressure monitor, step and calorie counter. Through the app you can monitor your sleep pattern. The fitness tracker calculates your nightly deep and light sleep pattern. With an IP67 Waterproof rating the fitness tracker can be used during all activities including swimming & running. The smart watch can hold about 7 days battery life in active and 10days with standby on a single charge. This time varies depending on the usage. Charge time: 2hrs.

Quantity Price
25 $44.08
50 $42.33
100 $40.58
180 $38.83
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