USB Type-C Male Adapter

USB Type-C Male Adapter features USB C tip with USB-A female port. Connect USB-A enabled devices (Camera, USB hub, flash drives, USB card readers, keyboards, mice and more) to USB Type-C enabled devices (PC, computer, laptop, smartphones, tablets...). Supports high speed data transfer of USB 3.0 version. Type C is Host side, compatible with 2015/2016/2017 Apple MacBook (Pro), Surface Book 2, Google Chromebook Pixel, Dell XPS 13 /15, Moto Z8, Galaxy S9/ S9+, Samsung Note 8, Galaxy S8/S8+, Sony XZ, Google Pixel 2 XL, and upcoming devices with USB-C port.

Quantity Price
200 $3.22
530 $3.08
850 $2.95
1200 $2.83
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